Yliopistokatu 40
FIN-90570 OULU
+358-40-753 3486
oh8ta at oh8ta dot fi

Contact Information

Mailing address and Direct QSLs

Oulun Teekkarien Radiokerho ry
Yliopistokatu 40
FI-90570 OULU

Email address for the board of directors

oh8ta at oh8ta dot fi

Clubroom telephone

+358 40 753 3486

On the air

434.750 MHz (-2 MHz shift)70 cm DMR repeater OH8RMD (KP24SX)
145.63750 MHz (-0.6 MHz shift)2 m DMR repeater OH8RMD (KP24WA)
434.975 MHz (-2 MHz shift, 114.8 Hz CTCSS)70 cm R.Net repeater at roof of the clubhouse
145.750 MHz (-0.6 MHz shift, 1750 Hz tone)2 m repeater in Intiö water tower (KP25RA)
145.225 MHzOH8TA 2 m internal activity frequency
434.225 MHzOH8TA 70 cm internal activity freqyency
145.500 MHz2 m FM CQ frequency
433.500 MHz70 cm FM CQ frequency